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  • All Dogs at least five months of age must be licensed

  • The standard licensing period runs January 1 to March 31

  • An additional late fee of $15 per dog will be charged for those received after March 31st, 2024

    Licenses purchased are non-refundable

  • To license or renew, the dog MUST be vaccinated against rabies and the vaccination must not be expired 

Dog licenses may be sent in with your property taxes or be paid to the Town Treasurer on tax collection dates.  Proof of rabies must be provided - it is not the Treasurer’s duty to contact your vet for verification of this information. 


If you have any further questions regarding this license please contact Monroe County Zoning Office at (608)269-8736. 


Spot checks for dog licenses have been being discussed, so please get your dogs licensed or the County will fine you for not having the license on top of the cost of the regular dog license. 


Due to the large number of kennel operations popping up in our township, please contact the town prior to starting your operation.  The town has established guidelines effective for any kennel/license established after October 12, 2021 and will be strictly followed.


Monroe County now keeps a database of all dogs licensed each year.  If you had licensed dogs, you may be contacted by them to see if you still have the dogs.  If you are a property owner with rental properties, please notify your renters of the licensing requirements.  

To obtain a license for your dog:

Please send the following:

  • Completed Application

  • Proof of current rabies vaccination

  • Dog License Fee

        Unaltered male/female  -  $27.00

        Neutered male/spayed female  -  $12.00

Dog licenses need to be paid no later than March 31, 2024. 


Please make a separate check for the dog license(s) payable to

Treasurer, Town of Wilton


 Mailing Address:

Town of Wilton

19398 Juneau Rd.

Wilton 54670

You can also license your dog through the Monroe County Zoning Office or the Monroe County Animal Shelter.  


Please make check payable to:

Monroe County Dog Control


Mail application and proof of vaccination to:

Monroe County Dog Control Office

14345 Co Hwy B, Suite 5

Sparta, WI 54656

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